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Environmental advertising:

such as billboards, which are not used in some campaigns due to high costs. Of course, depending on the type of business, using this method does not apply to all campaigns.


Another method used in campaigns, although you need to know how to implement it to be able to use this low-cost method effectively. This advertising method is one of the direct methods of attracting potential customers. To be successful in telemarketing, you need to reach out to people who need the product or products directly, and make every phone call to your target customers. In this way, you will achieve better results with fewer contacts.

Social Media Advertising:

Almost Every Business You Own An integral part of any campaign is its targeted social media Traffic. There are a lot of customers in cyberspace who are not yet aware of your existence. The informal space of virtual networks is a good opportunity to gradually attract these people. Of course, Instagram and then Telegram are now the first options to consider.

Ads on popular sites:

Your ads are displayed as text or banners on these sites. To get the most web traffic, you need to advertise on sites that have a thematic connection to your site, or at least there are common customers in between.

The Best Ways to Increase Online Sales up to 300%

Ways To Grow Your Business

It does not matter if your business is online or traditional. Usually, most people who sell a product or offer a service to increase sales and increase customers believe that they do not have good sales and therefore are dissatisfied with their job and are constantly looking for ways to increase sales and increase customers. More sales in the business can lead to your company growing, and vice versa, low sales can cause you a lot of problems. More information in here.

Today, many large Iranian businesses have also succumbed to economic problems due to economic problems. These problems have caused many companies to downsize. Adjustment is the least that a company can do to offset some of its losses. Of course, the problem of low sales of some companies, not only leads to downsizing, but sometimes it pushes the business to the brink of bankruptcy.

Of course, you may also cause low sales company and brand to economic issues and the weakness of the country's economic infrastructure know but it is better to know the experiences of big companies and research, a successful company even in the worst of the selling and profit and technique Sale Special Have their own.

In the recent US economic crisis, some companies made even more profit than ever before, and that was only because of the business intelligence and pre-planned sales technique.

You must have heard it said that in one of the American economic crises, most businesses were shut down and many people went in search of treasure. In the meantime, all of these people were looking to buy treasure hunter tools, and the shops that were selling treasure hunter tools were making big profits, and the rest of the people were still looking for treasure hunters.

This small example shows people who constantly say, "I do not have sales, why do I not have an increase in customers ? What should I do ?" They are probably looking to make a big profit without making any changes to their business. But people who are really looking to increase sales and attract customers and have strategies to increase online sales, have their own sales techniques and strategies and throw themselves into the fire and water to be able to make more profit.

Of course, in the meantime, you should also keep in mind that making more profit should be done according to the principles of marketing for the online store, and you may have to go to class and training to find ways to sell more.

Increase sales with the help of marketing

Issues increased customer and increase sales of a company or shop, there are many causes and these causes we can identify one or more reasons for the low sales of goods or services to a company statement. For example, suppose a shoe store owner asks us why I do not have a customer. What should I do? Why do not I sell? Or my sales are not as good as I would like.

Regarding the reason for the decrease in the customer of the shop, we should definitely consider such things as the location of the shop, how he interacts with the customers, the price of the goods, the quality of the goods and many other things. Now, in your opinion, do we check the location of a shoe store for an online store? The answer is definitely no, because on the Internet, the geographical location of the store has little effect, and in many cases, even people who live in the USA can buy website traffic on their goods from an online store located in the city, because he may have a lower price for his products.